EEC-Anglo English Immersion Courses in Turkey


EEC-ANGLO Language Training since 2006

EEC-Anglo has been providing professional language training for business and professional people for over 11 years and is part of the Altus Group of Companies.  Since 2006 we have trained managers, students, academics, diplomats and politicians from Turkey and the Middle East to improve their skills in English. EEC-Anglo offers the ideal environment for an intensive course in English for international communication. Training is in mini-groups of maximum 4 participants and  Our highly-qualified native trainers have a wide range of professional and business experience. Our courses are fully residential and set in the beautiful countryside away from any sort of distraction.

Ministers, ambassadors, and diplomats from countries like Azerbaijan, Turkey, UAE and other Middle Eastern and Asian countries have been choosing EEC-Anglo to improve their English communication skills and better represent their governments as well as their organisations in the international arena.


  • Are focused on your individual needs and weaknesses.
  • teach our students how to think in English, not ineffective rote-learning.
  • have friendly and culturally-aware native teachers from USA and the UK



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