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UK-Based Translation Office | Britannium Consulting (UK)

İngiltere Merkezli Kurumsal Çeviri Ajansı

EEC-Anglo kardeş kuruluşu Britannium Consulting (UK) Londra merkezli bir kurumsal çeviri ajansıdır. 2010 yılındaki kuruluşundan bu yana gerek Birleşik Krallık sınırları içerisinde, gerekse Türkiye’de birçok kurum ve kuruluşa profesyonel çeviri hizmeti sunmaktadır.

Örnek çalışmalarımız arasında 2010’dan buyana Yıllık Falliyet Raporları çevirisinde bizleri tercih eden İGDAŞ A.Ş’yi inceleyebilirsiniz:

Britannium Consulting (UK) was set up in response to the continual approaches to EEC-Anglo by corporations seeking solutions to language problems. In order to better service its growing corporate client base, we established a corporate translation office in London. Britannium Consulting (UK) emerged as a professional provider of corporate translation services in Turkey and the United Kingdom.

We have in-house translators in both the United Kingdom and Turkey. Because no single translator is expert in every subject, we have a pool of contracted external translators in many subjects located in both countries. With the resources of language experts of the highest calibre at our disposal, the areas of our expertise include:

Contracts, Agreements, Corporate Rules, Legal Cases, Work Regulations, Petitions

Banking Products, Investment Documentation, Financial and Shareholder Reports, Annual Reports

Code of Conduct, Training Materials, Newsletters, Researches and Surveys

We adopt a stringent professional approach to maintain our high standards. Our procedures help us eliminate errors and produce immaculate translations. After translation of the document by an expert, high-calibre editors refine and improve the text, ensuring that it reads and sounds completely English. In the final stage, our experienced proof-readers carefully go through the translated work giving it a final quality check.

Britannium Consulting(UK) employs people with proficiency across a variety of fields: translators, technical and legal experts and consultants, interpreters, editors, typesetters and academics. We also have access to the academic personnel of our sister company EEC-Anglo Executive Language Training in Istanbul. This advantage enables us to select the most proficient person for the project in hand.
All our personnel are subject to a meticulous initial assessment and constantly reviewed during their employment to maintain our high professional standards of corporate translation.

We can provide a comprehensive list of the  subjects that are within our translating capabilities. Please feel free to contact us for additional information about our services or to request a quotation.